What MEGSA Owners Say

Ben or Chad
Walnut Creek Performance Center
25501 Johns Rd.
South Lyon, Michigan   48178
(248) 437-7337

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"The Most Efficient Golf Swing Attainable (MEGSA) is an incredible training aid that we have and will work on every part of your swing.  We have four units and are available for our clients to use."
Keith Robertson
Robertson Golf Academy/Golf 4 Kids
18041 Central Park Circle
Boyds, MD  20861
(301) 442-6799

"MEGSA PPE is designed to let golfers efficiently train so they will be able to 'own' a mechanically sound swing.  This means they will develop the proper swing mechanics to the point where they become nearly automatic on the golf course.  This can only occur after many repetitions using the correct motion.  When golfers practice without the MEGSA PPE stations, it is much more difficult to know whether or not they are making the correct motion.  With MEGSA PPE the golfer can be sure that every practice swing is helping to build a more reliable motion.  Best of all, because of the MEGSA PPE's adjustability, it works for every golfer's physique and every teacher's swing methodology."
Dennis Sales
Sinclair's Golf Training Center at Texas Star
1500 Texas Star Parkway
Euless, TX  76040
(972) 861-0649



"In the summer of 2004 I incorporated the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment in my day-to-day teaching. It has become my method of choice by which to place my students in the correct position to make a good golf swing. As soon as I received my own MEGSA unit I used it with my long-time student, Morgan Pressel, and she used it all the time when she won her first major in 2007.
The changes I have seen with my students boarder on remarkable and at times almost unbelievable.  Problems with the golf swing that have been long standing have been changed dramatically for the better in a very short period of time.  If you are serious about golf instruction you can not afford to be without MEGSA.  The only bad thing about it is, I did not have it 30 years ago!”
Martin Hall
Martin Hall Golf Academy
Ibis Golf & Country Club
West Palm Beach, Florida


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"Gone are the days when instructors must limit lesson content in order to avoid confusion for the student. As swing issues often require multiple compensatory maneuvers to achieve a successful result, the "one thing at a time" lesson seldom solves the problem long term. MEGSA allows me to expedite the learning process by using an asssembly of feedback tools to make multiple immediate and verifiable swing changes in a non-technical environment.
    Repetition with the MEGSA equipment produces the exact feelings necessary for students to capture long-lasting swing improvments. We owe it to our students to provide the best learning environment possible and MEGSA does this at our academy."

Charlie Vandenberg
Thousand Oaks Golf Academy
Ada, Michigan

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"Through my many years of teaching the golf swing I have always strived to have the best means available to effectively teach the golf swing.  I made a commitment to incorporate the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment into my academy in 2005.  It is used every day by me and my staff and the results we have seen in our students are unbelievable. Every one that practices with MEGSA has made corrections in their swing so fast that at times it's hard for me to image.
    I absolutely will not teach without the MEGSA Equipment and strongly recommend that all instructors make part of their teaching. It has also become a great source of revenue for me and my academy.”

Joe Caruso
Joe Caruso Golf Academy
San Antonio, TX




"As a PGA Teaching Professional, I am always looking for the most effective ways to help my students with the learning process.  Over the years, I have found my students learn best when they have a clear picture of what they are trying to accomplish, and a distinct feeling of how to do it. With the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment,  I can help my students see and feel exactly what I want them to do. As a result, my students are improving at a faster rate, and they are taking more lessons than ever!"

Bernie Najar, PGA Professional
Director of Instruction
Woodholme Country Club
Baltimore, MD

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"In 2004 I was fortunate enough to purchase my first MEGSA Unit for the European Market and the investment paid off in the first year. My students, most of who are strongly occupied with their business lives, have come to appreciate the unsurpassed efficiency of using MEGSA in the little time they can spare. No other method or single instructional aid that I have seen in my 20 years of teaching can match the speed at which you can improve using MEGSA. If you only have a mere half hour each week to work on your swing, MEGSA is the only way to go. Another equally important benefit to MEGSA PPE is that students are totally independent from my availability once they’ve been made familiar with the use and set up of the MEGSA Unit. As an instructor I have the satisfaction of knowing my students are practicing exactly what I have taught them. I believe Mike Bender’s invention is one of the greatest breakthroughs in golf teaching technology of all time.”

Birgit Hulsebusch Golf Academy
Member of the PGA of Germany
Alveslohe, Hamburg, Germany

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